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We Met Coronavitus in Spring Festival


We met coronavitus in Spring Festival Holiday.

   When the Spring Festivals Holiday started from last week of Chinese 2019 , we finished the whole year work and had our Year Party happily.  We went home and  knew nothing about the English Word : coronavitus.  We settled the orders of clothes hangers and hangers metal fittings with production manager hope to have a great start in 2020.


  Then it came . After the last evening of Chinese year 2019. We were noted that our country met trouble of corona-virus. It threatened the health badly and was spreading quickly. It’s festival. In China we have tradition to visit the friends and family. The government hope we can stay home the whole holiday for Disease Control and Prevention. We were shocked!! Then the whole country and the whole world were excited for mask. We hope we can help some.

  We bought masks to help the hospital . Our friends in the world massaged us to check if we need their help! 

   Seemed everything was under control. But news spread, the world was on alerting. After the first shock , We thought it is better to note the clients what we met  and the influence might happen to their clothes hangers which still under production. We mailed the possibility delay news of orders at once . We thought that might influence the working process of the clients . Maybe they will cancle the orders for this reason. But be got so big support from the clients. Though there are some clients have to change future orders to other countries. But they give us the understanding and kept orders with us. We are so moved. Appreciate all of you !!  Because your orders will help the workers really!  For when we have work to do , the workers have salary!


We appreciated all you did! Our Chinese government did well now.  Hope can keep you all safe outside China. We did everything we can !!  We are together.



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